October 26-27, 2023 | Talent Garden Rome – Via Ostiense, 92, 00154 Roma RM


AI and collaborative learning.
Implementing AI-powered Learning in the Workplace of today and tomorrow 

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What is Edutech

For the second consecutive year, Talent Garden is fostering a thought-provoking conversation in the tech industry about the future of workforce education through a one-of-a-kind event. 

Organized under the umbrella of The Conference on the Future of Europe, Edutech Challenges brings together leading companies, startups, institutions, and key players in the education industry to explore the latest trends, share best practices, and address the challenges the edtech ecosystem is facing.

The conference will be held in Italian and translation will be available in the hall.

Download the white paper “AI and Collaborative Learning. Strategie di formazione sull’AI nei luoghi di lavoro di oggi e di domani”, realized in collaboration with POLIMI and the METID task force


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Bridging the gap: AI and Collaborative Learning for a brighter future

AI is revolutionizing how working and learning are experienced, but it’s not independent of human influence.

Overall, AI is transforming the nature of work and creating new opportunities, but it’s important to approach it with a clear understanding of its benefits and limitations.

What will the future of corporate learning look like?

According to our experts and keynote speakers from the EduTech Conference, to face the accelerated need for skill development designed to keep up with the pace of change, companies will need to look at AI, Immersive experiences, and lifelong learning.


Learn how to encourage employee innovation while enabling managers and internal influencers to “make it happen”. Understand why people need to be guided towards future business scenarios and the process of implementing ethical practices and business and HR leadership behaviours that successfully boost digital mindset culture and openness to digital transformation.


Discover how we can ensure that organizational cultures and the workforce are future-ready and empowered to drive transformation while providing up-to-date skills and competencies with the latest market and business requirements. We will also explore how organizations can effectively analyze, identify, and prioritize future skills they will need at a corporate and functional level.

Future of Workforce Training

Unveil how companies perceive AI’s impact on employee development needs. Gain insights into crucial sectors and skills that AI is reshaping. The survey results will shed light on the way forward for effective and relevant training programs.

Empowering Education with AI
Embark on a journey through the dynamic world of AI tools in education. Unleash the potential of these tools to revolutionize learning experiences. Explore how they can personalize education and empower learners for a brighter future.

Collaborative Learning for Success

Gathering Education and Industry, the speakers will dive into innovative methods that bridge the gap between schools, universities, and industries. Embrace the power of collaboration to fuel effective workforce education.
Teaching and Learning Using AI
Companies need to have a Human-Centric approach. The future of education depends on a balance between AI and human touch. Through the conference, the guests will gain insights into how AI can enhance learning experiences while respecting the unique needs and creativity of learners.
AI and Ethics

Delve into the ethical implications of AI adoption. Explore how to strike a balance between technological advancement and moral responsibility. Gain insights into fostering ethical AI integration in education.

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Our 2022 event ended up with a whitepaper on the future of corporate education. Download it now to discover next challenges and opportunities for the sector.

Watch our playlist of interviews from the event.

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